The Characters

Club Inferno Staff (5)

The owner and the Androids who work at the club, trying desperately to stay away from all the trouble that brews around them. But, some of them are getting involved against their will, and now they might have to choose which side can protect them against the others.

Famed (4)

The Famed are a duo of highly privileged and fairly famous people, at Inferno to visit the more seedy parts of the club. They’re there in private business concerning their two Androids, but won’t say no to a good party.

Local Cops (3)

Local cops, bought and pocketed by the owners as well as the mob, they’re there to relax, avoid trouble and to reap the fruits of their labor in the form of Androids and other people who’d do best to be nice to them.

The Opportunists (4)

A group of friends, all with their own reasons to be there. What unites them is their hatred for Androids, hatred that is sometimes mixed with desire. They are the cruel customers, the partygoers and those who want nothing but to see the Androids end up in real trouble. But, like everyone, they are torn between different loyalties and inner desires, or even the question of their own humanity.

Lowlives (4)

Desperate for one reason or another, the lowlives are lucky just to be there. Someone want to forget, some other might want to find a reason to live. They are easily used by others with more sinister intentions, or ready to sacrifice everything for a chance to make a difference.

The Resistance (4)

Two hidden, free Androids and their two human friends. They have sacrificed a lot to be free, and now they want to give that gift to others – no matter the cost.

Android Traders (5)

Two salespeople and their three Androids, they’re here to showcase their Androids to the people at the club, as well as to elevate the fortunes of their illicit suppliers. They have emotional attachment issues of their own, and what is really worth something in the end?

The Mob (3)

Three members of the mob, there to ensure that the club runs smoothly and that no one is paying their dirty dealings too much attention. Android rights, troublemakers, people who think they can do whatever they want – all such trouble needs to be kept quiet.

Android Crime Unit (2)

A specialized, new part of the police, tied intimately to the Company. They deal with crimes concerning Androids – and recently, by Androids as well. What they’re doing at the club is anyone’s guess, but their presence spells Trouble with capital T for everyone involved.