When you think you can buy anything, the thing you always end up selling is your soul.”

Dana, Creator of the Androids

Welcome to Club Inferno, an Androids Universe larp.

Above ground everyone knows of Club Inferno. It’s a favorite haunt for the Famed and the infamous, staffed by Androids and its dancefloors are open all night.

However, there is a second entrance to Inferno, one in the back-alleys and next to the trash compactors, down through a maintenance tunnel. That’s where the real club is located. That’s where you are going tonight.


“What’s your poison? You want a model without memories, entirely blank? Or you want some Famous person’s implant, their brain copied as well as they could? There’s all sorts of shit being sold down there, trust me.

Oh, you want one you get to break in yourself? Well, I am not saying they have them, but if they did, be careful. I’ve heard shit about these latest N6s and their malfunctions. Can’t trust that. You better go with one of them old models in that case, much safer. Unless unsafe is your thing…”

What it is

Club Inferno is an Androids Universe larp, played in three one-day runs over 8th, 9th and 10th of March, 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It is a larp about exploitation, survival, desperation, yearning for freedom and making a choice. It is a larp about humanity and what it means to be human in the end.

It is created by Atropos.