Run 1: 8th of March
Run 2: 9th of March
Run 3: 10th of March
Language: English. The game is fully international
Minimum age: 18
Contact email:
Facebook group: Android-Universe Larps
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
 The venue is NOT at our usual Androids venue. This time, we are holding it in a more 360, fully fleshed environment, which will be turned into Club Inferno. We will not be writing out the location here at the request of the location owners, but instructions will be provided to participants on sign-up approval

The location is located in Gothenburg, easily accessible by tram. Any hostels in central or semi-central Gothenburg can reach it within 20-30 minutes.

Sleeping:  We do not offer sleeping arrangements. We encourage people to either stay at nearby hostels or with local players.
Food: We will offer cheap coffee and some in-game foods as part of the scenography. However, we do NOT guarantee that everyone can eat everything they need from our in-game alternatives. There will be a longer break in the day for arranging a main meal and a store very close by. As for evening meal, we recommend either bringing food that can be eaten in-game or surviving on in-game snacks. 

Schedule: Workshops will start at 10:00. The larp will finish around 22. A small post-game hangout will be right after game end.


The larp does not require any previous experience with the Androids universe. It is an independent story entirely.

Sign up is open! It closes on tuesday 5/12 2023 at 23:59

Sign up here

We use a sign-up system where the sign-ups will be open for two days until 23:59 on the 5th, and after that there will be a lottery with some limited casting.

Payment: Payment will need to be provided on the 31st of January at the latest.
Number of participants:
 33 per run. 
Price range: From 50€ lowest, to 90€ standard price, to 150€ or 220€ sponsor tickets.

The greater the number of participants who pay a higher fee, the more spots at the lowest level are available, but even if no one pays a higher sum, we will be able to offer a significant amount of reduced fees.